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My dog doesn't shed. Why should I groom it?

Many people buy #dogs that are #hypoallergenic as they have allergies and/or do not want dog hair around the house, on their clothes, in their car etc. Many people (especially during COVID pandemic) pay or have paid big bucks to buy #poodlecrosses which are #hybrid dogs crossed between two #breeds.

Sometimes these dogs are actually more expensive than the original #purebred they derive from! The thing is though, no matter if your mixed breed or #purebreed is classed as 'hypoallergenic' it still needs #grooming! Especially, single-coated breeds need regular clipping as the coat keeps growing and growing and growing and gets #matted and knotted and a hot mess....leading into multitudes of health issues.

I've heard people say 'but my dog doesn't shed!"....

All the more reason to #groom regularly.

We live in an era of over saturation of information when we can google anything at any time...before you invest thousands $$$$$$ in a #mixedbreed, or even a #purebred, please do your homework. If you spend $7,000 getting a #dog, please ensure you can afford regular grooming for the next 15-18 years...and that varies from $100-$300 per groom...every 6-8 weeks...If you can't afford that maybe stick to goldfish...

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