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Our Dog Grooming Services

Circle of Fluff Dog Grooming operates under the Codes of Ethics of the International Professional Groomers, Inc (IPG)

We acknowledge that the health and safety, compassionate handling and providing a safe and sanitary environment for the pets in our care and custody are our priority. We treat all pets, their owners and other Pet Professionals with respect, compassion and understanding.


Our aim is to meet your dog's needs in the best possible way with 'humanity over vanity'. 


Our time with your pet enables a bonding, trusting rapport which is of outmost importance for the well-being of your dog and developing a healthy life-long grooming routine. We send regular pictures and videos during the grooming process so you have peace of mind that your beloved fur-baby is receiving the highest quality service, as well as educational instructions to help you care best for your pet at home, in between grooms. 

Your pet will receive the ultimate pampering in all aspects of grooming from pre-clip, nail cutting and filling, pads, brush-out, bathing, drying, desheding, dematting, clipper cut, scissoring techniques, breed clip styling etc.

* Prices and appointment durations are a guide only, and may differ from dog-to-dog and is determined based on weight and height but also the condition and length of the coat, the complexity of the groom or difficulties based on dog behavior. On consultation, we can discuss your beloved pet's needs and make arrangements that suit you and your pet.

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