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Detangles / Anti-Detangle treatments

Specialist treatments for tangles, matts and knots. Australian-owned and made quality products used to aid in retaining curls and adding volume!

* Naturally-based cosmetic shampoos and conditioners.

* Designed specifically for curly coats and oodle breeds.

* Assisting in making the coat straighter for easier brushing and maintenance.

* Making drying the coat faster and easier to handle.

* Containing Vitamin E to moisturise and hydrate the coat and skin

* Herbal fragrances

* Soap, Paraben and Phosphate free.

* pH balanced, bio-degradable.

* Environmentally responsible.

(Prices vary according to size, coat condition, dog temperament, management and time needed for treatments)

30 minutes and over

From $30

* Prices and appointment durations differ from dog-to-dog. On consultation, we can discuss your beloved pets needs and make arrangements that suit you and your pet.

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