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Dog Grooming Super Package

A comprehensive grooming package (Dogs under 15 kg only).


  • Pre-groom.

  • Brush out.

  • Bubble bath.

  • Gentle full Body Massage.

  • Soap-free/chemical-free shampoo/conditioner.

  • Toner/Brightening.

  • Blow dry with high velocity dryer.

  • Clip Cut/Scissoring-pads, paws, tail, face.

  • Nails.

  • Moisturize.

  • Perfume.

  • Organic, natural shampoos and conditioners appropriate for your dog's hair and no irritants.

3 hours and 30 minutes

From $125 for dogs under 5kg and from $145 for dogs 5kg - 12kg

* Prices and appointment durations differ from dog-to-dog. On consultation, we can discuss your beloved pets needs and make arrangements that suit you and your pet.

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