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Desheding double-coated dogs with furminator blade-brush, rake-superior, undercoat-rake, brush-out with slicker brush and metal comb, deep massage with special deshed gloves in hydro bath, special deshed shampoo and conditioner and blast-out dead coat with high velocity dryer to three-part deshed of double coats.

* Naturally based cosmetic shampoos and conditioners:

* Releasing the undercoat to assist in the demoulting process.

* Containing rosemary and lavender oils to stimulate follicles to release hair.

* Revitalising the coats appearance and adding shine and lustre.

* Moisturizing and hydrating the skin.

* Lovely fresh flower essences fragrances.

* Soap, Paraben and Phosphate free (no irritants)

* pH balanced, bio-degradable.

* Environmentally responsible.

* Australian made and owned.

90+ minutes

From $ 60

* Prices and appointment durations differ from dog-to-dog. On consultation, we can discuss your beloved pets needs and make arrangements that suit you and your pet.

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