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Minding Services

We do not have boarding facilities and do not use cages. Our service relies on punctuality and efficiency as we only accommodate one dog at a time (unless owners have two dogs who come together for grooming). When a client drops off a dog, we are not able to commence the groom until the previous dog has left the premises. In the event that you arrive late (15 mins or more), or fail to collect your dog in the arranged time without notice, we are happy to look after your pet for an additional cost of $15 for every 15 mins. If your dog is not collected by closing time, an additional $50 wage charge may also be applicable. (For further details please refer to our policies section)

15 minutes

From $50

* Prices and appointment durations differ from dog-to-dog. On consultation, we can discuss your beloved pets needs and make arrangements that suit you and your pet.

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