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Grooming a puppy for the first time!

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

It is important to introduce a #puppy to professional #grooming around the 12-14 weeks after their #vaccinations are complete and is safe to do so. The earlier we introduce a #puppy to #grooming the better they’ll develop good habits and #grooming routine for #healthycoat management. #Grooming a #puppy for the first time takes a great amount of patience. #Groomers are professionally trained in #animalhandling and behaviour, first aid, and many more aspects of a #dog’s health and well-being. Equipment, sounds, sensations, been touched in weird places, cutting nails, shaving hygiene areas and feet, cleaning ears, eyes etc can be overwhelming for many #dogs. #Puppies are easily distracted, curious by nature, unable to stand still for long, have underdeveloped joints and it often can take a few regular visits to the #groomer before they can feel comfortable and a #fullgroom can take place. #Puppies need to be desensitised to the #salon environment, being around other #dogs and people, the #groomingtable, #clippers, scissors, brushes, combs, bath, #velocitydryers etc. A #puppy’s concentration also waves after 5-10 mins. Lots of breaks are needed to take place and the #dog needs to learn to stand on the #grooming table for its own safety before any clipping or styling can take place. As #groomers we also try to reinforce positive experiences and build good habits, trust and rapport which affects the dog’s behaviour. Letting the #puppy sniff, getting used to be touched and handled, praising and soft, nutritious treats can help ease a young #dog into the #grooming process. Turning on and off equipment and normalising the sounds and sensations is very important. Music, #petfriendly essential oils can also contribute to a calming environment. Nowadays there are APPS that familiarise pups with the #grooming sounds. #Puppies are teething, have soft bones and still developing physically, emotionally, socially etc so trying to achieve a specific groom particularly on the face may not be ideal initially. Often, as #groomers we chat with our new clients about their expectations and explain that #grooming is a process and above all, we need to be kind and understanding of the #pup’s needs.

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