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What traits should a professional groomer have? What makes a good groomer?

Updated: May 10, 2023

What traits should a professional groomer have? What makes a good groomer?

For me it’s to Live With Passion…Dog grooming is hard hard work. It takes an iron spine and a tremendous level of grit, will and determination to be able to groom well. These qualities produce groomers that are extremely passionate about their cause. They truly believe in the path they have decided to go down. They are passionate about it. This passion is reflected in a desire to never stop growing, to keep getting better, to keep offering more value and to inspire others to action through their own sheer force of will.

Great groomers also have an ability to inspire this fire in the people around them and rally them together by just being themselves. They have a natural gravitas and charisma that pulls people to them through the expression of their passion for their cause.

Great groomers understand their calling. They know why they’re here. They then relentlessly pursue this and won’t stop until they get it. They share a similarity with the mind of a hunter, never deviating from their prey. They have a singular vision and through sheer force of do all they can to accomplish it. Unlike those around them they are not distracted by the noise and distractions, but are laser focused in accomplishing what they need to get done. Complacency is a disease to them, and they strive for ever more because the conquest is never done. They’re always working to become bigger and better so that they can be in a position to have an even more massive impact.

They Take Massive Action

The path of a groomer is one of action. Its about making the hard decisions that sometimes no one else wants to or knows how to make. It’s about having massive confidence in yourself, belief in your team and faith in your cause to kick that door down and take the bull by the horns. It’s about being informed about the risks and failures but having the strength to look straight at it and tackle them head on. Great groomers are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They don’t avoid situations because they are uncomfortable, rather they are the first to jump in and try to help a bad situation.

Actions speak way louder than words.

They Listen so They Can be Sensitive & Empathetic To Those Around them. Too often, grooming is simply about shutting up so you can listen. Many clients will often tell you about the challenges they face. They will tell you how they want to be guided, and where you need to step up. Yes, sometimes decisions must be made separately from what the people around you are saying, but many times it is about being truly sensitive and empathetic to the needs of the animals and the people you are servicing.

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