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You brush it or we shave it!

Updated: May 10, 2023

Sometimes people bring their dogs for grooming in a very neglected condition. It is evident that these pets haven't been groomed in months and haven't been brushed or cared for as per breed requirements. In situations like these it is explained to the owners that a close shave will be taking place and a 'matted consent form' is signed outlining the risks of matting and the impact of shaving upon the skin. Clients accept complete responsibility in regards to any associated issues that may arise as an outcome. A matted dog will be completely shaved at times including cutting off facial hair and whiskers, shaving ears inside out etc. This is the only way to ease the pain and discomfort that the matting creates. Dogs can be distraught, shaking from being so cold and often not be themselves for a few days after shaving. Rushes may appear on the skin and any nicks or injuries caused due to matting are considered a responsibility of the owner. Clients sign and agree to our policies and terms and conditions which are universal across grooming salons.

Neglected coats that are matted to the skin create multitude of health risks from hot spots to fungal and bacterial issues, sores, infections etc.

Often, dog owners blame the fact that they can't get their dog groomed for months as groomers everywhere are booked out!

We encourage all our clients to book their next appointment at the time of collecting their pet from our studio once it's groomed, and/or ahead of time and to have regular appointments booked in order to avoid ending up with a matted dog.

We provide videos, pictures, messages and social media education and information on how to care for your dog, what tools and brushes you need, shampoos, conditioners and other products and facilitate monthly workshops and information sessions to support you, help you learn and improve.

We always explain that prices are ONLY an estimate and NOT a 'quote' and DO NOT ever give quotes over the phone. Were also text or contact via phone call if we realise during the process of the groom that your dog's body, face and ears are matted and/or your pet reacts aggressively and extra handling fees will apply on top of the matting fee.

As professional dog groome

a matted poodle dog needs brushing
matted dog knots brushing dog coat

rs we abide by the Code of Ethics of the Pet Industry Association of Australia which stipulates in a nutshell that 'humanity over vanity' always prevails. This means we are not going to brush out a matted dog as this is painful and creates stress and potential injury to the animal.

Many people, and particularly during the years of lockdowns, purchased single-coated, hypoallergenic breeds like poodle crosses, and have no idea how to look after them. Some never had a dog before! We try to educate people but unfortunately, some are beyond education and/or think they know better.

Professional groomers always groom with the best interest of your dog. This means we will NEVER brush out matted or knotted fur and cause pain or trauma to a dog just so that the owners can have a cute and fluffy look! Fact is, that some people should not have a fluffy, single-coated dog and it's unfortunate that some dogs have owners which clearly do not care about their pet's wellbeing and prefer to remain ignorant (and often arrogant about it) without putting in the needed effort to care for the animal they've purchased.

So if you are worried about your dog being 'traumatised' during grooming, perhaps you should be worried about the neglect that is taking place for months, which YOU are responsible for, before you bring your pet to grooming.

Remember, we cannot do and will not do, in two hours what you haven't done in three or four months!

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