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Welcome to the St Kilda Circle of Fluff Dog Grooming Experience!

In this blog section you'll receive information and ideas to help you look after your pet at home and maintain a healthy coat in-between professional dog grooming appointments.

In a nutshell, dog grooming tips for dog owners!

I haven't always been a professional dog groomer you know, even though I've been surrounded and supported by animals all my life!

I remember grooming my dogs and cats since a very early age... I remember brushing my German shepherd as a kid. I remember always bringing animals home...frogs, fish, rabbits, cats, turtles, birds, hamsters etc. My career actually started as a journalist and a teacher after the completion of my tertiary studies and have been working in the community services sector and Education since the 90's as a Community Engagement and Capacity Building Officer.

Since 2015 I also simultaneously started my own business as a Dog Groomer and have worked in various salons since. This started as an interest or hobby and developed organically into what it is today (and still morphing!) I need to acknowledge and thank my toy poodle (Olaf) for turning me into a dog groomer! He's my seventh dog!!! My passion and experience in working with animals and engaging with community has brought me to where I am today.

Along the way, I have developed a sense of social justice and experience in delivering education, peer-support, advocacy, information and referral services. I fervently support special-needs groups and advocate for individuals and communities impacted by stigma. My interest is on how pets (and dogs in particular) enhance our mental and physical health and impact positively on all areas of life and society.

I am passionate about community development and supporting healthy, connected and inclusive communities. I facilitate the access and social inclusion of older people, and people with a disability from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds into the cultural, social, recreational and civic life in a number of areas across Melbourne. I help groups and individuals plan, collaborate and connect with a variety of programs, services and supports.

I possess a sound understanding of community development theory and practice; principles of community inclusion and participation, and community planning strategies. I excel in communication, interpersonal, relationship building and project management skills and the ability to motivate, involve and develop others in community engagement practice while working autonomously and juggling competing priorities.

I am a register teacher with an up-to-date registration, police check and working with children check with the Victorian Institute of Teaching with long experience working in academic settings.

I advocate for effective engagement strategies to health, aging, family and similar services, addressing issues for vulnerable, disadvantaged, and marginalized groups through the development and facilitation of education and training programs for organizations on culturally inclusive practice. I promote inter-agency referral pathway development and best-practice strategies to improve access to services.

For me, grooming is the process of engagement, understanding, connection and transformation, not just of the animal and its coat, but for the owner and for myself. It is a learning journey where we commence with a challenge and work to achieve change in the most positive way. That's why in my practice clients receive updates of each stage of the grooming process (videos and photos), and ongoing communication, consultation and engagement is pivotal to the groom. This is the reason I facilitate workshops for dog pawrents and believe information and education is the key to a happy, successful relationship between the pet and their humans. I trust that our engagement will enhance the connection and bring healing and happiness to our lives.

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